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acerola-powder-v2Why? The ingredients.

Here are the ingredients for the  Garden Blend Chewables:

Tapioca Syrup, Maltodextrin in the form of Fibersol-2, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Vegetabe Juice Powder and Pulp from Carrot, Parsley, Beet, Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage, Spinach, Tomato, Oat Brand, Rice Bran, and Garlic, Pictin, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Color in the from of Black Carrot Juice Concentrate, Elderberry, and/or Annatto, Natural Cherry Flavor, Ascorbic Acid, Beta Carotene, Lactic Acid, Glucommanan, d-aplha Tocopheryl Succcinate, Natural Blend Coating, Folic Acid

The Orchard Blend and Vineyard Blend have similar ingredients. The Fruit Juice Powder and Pulp in the Orchard Blend is from Apple, Orange, Cranberry, Beet Root, Pineapple, Acerola Cherry, Peach, Papaya, Date and Prune. It also contains Citrus Biofavonoids and it’s natural color is from Annatto, which is different than the Garden Blend. The Vineyard Blend has it’s Fruit Juice Powder and Pulp from Concord Grape, Blueberry, Cranberry, Blackberry, Bilberry, Raspberry, Red Currant, Black…

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I love people who are genuine and honest about their healthy lifestyle, eating raw or a plantbased diet. I love it, when they make absolutely gorgeous, finger licking delish food, and become succesful by doing what they love without trying to scam people.

That’s why I’m writing this post. I found a Facebook page created August 2015 Enjoy Your Rawsome Life . I’d like to warn people. I know this person, she’s my sister, and she did not study holistic health and is not a certified to give dietary advise. I checked to see if she is registered at the Chamber of Commerce. She isn’t, because franchises based on pyramid scheme are not able to register. (according to the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht) Discription of the page translated in English:

How can you lose weight healthy without starving or yo-yo effect? Send a private message for free information.  This page is designed to help you become healthier and get in better shape with free advice and weight loss program by own coach. Healthy and fit are no short-term plan , but a lifestyle. We help you with the transition !

Social hygiene
Restaurant Business
allergens Training

For more than 25 years food is my favorite activity. Cozy dinner at home with friends or family .. or go out to eat . In 
my profession it is definitely important to tell guests about food. What's in it? Do you have an allergy or intolerance? 
How is it prepared ?

The last two years I have gained a lot of knowledge concerning the food and products we buy every day at the store. If you want to live conscious and healthy, then you want to know what you put in your mouth! And so began my way to the desire for more knowledge but also to share that knowledge.

In February 2016 I 'm going to do the training Accredited Weightconsultant, to actually be able to give good advice to 
others and guide when it comes to health and weight. Expanding on nutrition and dietetics : This is the next step to gain a broader knowledge of nutrition.

The credentionals she displays only means she is certified to work in a restaurant or a catering service handling food.

First of all, she has not been busy with food for more than 25 years. Those cozy dinners with family or friends are also not true. She has been off and on working as a waitress and catering worker and has had many other jobs in between. She does not work and never has worked in a profession where she tells people about food. (maybe because she’s in to Juice Plus now) Up until last year, before I cut off contact with her, she told me I was insane for my Raw Vegan lifestyle.

She starts a (written) weight consultant training next year. She does this, because there is no other training needed to enroll in this 1 year course. (She does not have any diplomas) Mind you, weight consultants are very limited. They do not have the same credentials as a dietician. Internship is not a part of this training.

This is the twitter account created August 2015 Enjoy Your Rawsome Life . As you can see on her page and twitter account, she does not share any recipes she has made herself. She takes nice looking pictures from the internet and post them to make it look ‘professional’.

As I was searching, I found her personal twitter account created August 10 2015 Kitty Clignett. (she has deleted this account) I saw she was promoting Juice+


So, I put 2 and 2 together… it was obvious to me what she is tryin to do. She is not in to the health lifestyle to promote a healthy life style, but to earn $$$ quick. (She hopes) Don’t forget, this is my sister and I know her.


She has currently 2 5 star reviews. One she did herself Kitty Clignett and Annet van Dorsser. Annet van Dorsser sells and promote JuicePlus. There are no other reviews done by anyone (clients) who is not connected to JuicePlus. (She deleted the reviews) Like I claimed, my sister is in it for the money….here’s the proof… Annet van Dorsser is owner of Rawfood.nl. July 23 ’15, she shared a post. Asking people if they want to earn money, when they want, where they want and a promise to earn 100.000 euro in bonuses. My sister replied ‘Yes…super!’ …and now she has a JuicePlus ‘business’.


Oh, my sisters comment was deleted as of August 26 2015…that says enough, thank God for screenshots.


My sister posted a message on her page, where she says that Rawfood.nl and herself are looking for new ‘team members’ to ‘help’ people with their health. Really, if you are so concerned about peoples health you don’t have to mislead people in to ‘working in a team’. It’s a pyramid scheme…


What is Juice+? Here are a few interesting links:

Nourishing Our Children Do You Recommend Juice Plus? No.

Fooducate  4 Ways Juice+ is scamming Americans

Love to know Juice+ scam

Diet Pills Watchdog Juice+

The Daily Beast The Multimillion Dollar Multivitamin Hoax

Juice plus scam? Someone should have told you this!

Devingrayfitness JuicePlus Debunked

The Clean eating Routine Is Juice Plus A Pyramid Scheme?

Remember, genuine people in the healthfood scene do not try to sell you expensive products to become healthy! There’s so many (free) information on the internet to transit to a healthy lifestyle, please don’t get fooled in buying pills that cost a fortune!

Much LoVe,


P.S. I’m not slandering my sister. This all truth… A few weeks ago she started harassing me on Facebook with a fake profile. Josien van Houten was the name she used. She eventually changed it to her real name Kitty Clignett. I made screenshots and told her that if she doesn’t stop harassing and lie about me, I would expose her.

nep profiel    nep

After her message, I posted this on Facebook. She slandered me, and wrote I lie about my past and that I am a very disturbed woman. What she accuses me of, she does herself and she forgets to mention she has several mental illness diagnosis.



I fixed some mini cakes yesterday and had this delish durian smoothie for lunch. Dinner was so good, made a raw vegan version of a Turkish Lahmacun = Turkish Pizza. I was going to post a recipe of  a RV taco, but that will have to wait until next time.

Mini cakes makes about 4

Crust: 7 dates, half cup raisins, half cup oat flour, cup almond flour

Filling: Cup strawberries, half cup pomegranate seeds, 2-3 kiwi’s (iyou can use white grapes or another fruit if you have a problem with kiwi’s), 2 heaps tbsp Irish Moss

Topping/icing: cup macademia nuts (or any other nuts), 2 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil, vanilla extract (or any other sweetener) filtered water

Muffin baking pan



Mix ingredients for the crust in a food processor. Put some of the mixture in the muffin baking pan and firmly press, don’t forget the sides! Stick it in the freezer.

Blend the pomegranate seeds, strawberries and Irish Moss (you can add some sweetener) Pour it half way on the crust and stick it back in the freezer.

Blend the kiwi’s and Irish Moss. Pour it on the first layer. Stick it back in the freezer.

Blend the water, nuts and vanilla until smooth and put it in the freezer until it firms.

Young coconut meat wraps makes 2

Turkish Lahmacun


meat of 2 young coconuts, pinch of Celtic seasalt, i used a tbsp of psyllium husk powder, coconutwater from one coconut



mock ground beef : walnuts, 2-3 tbsp tamari sauce, pinch of Celtic seasalt, 2-3 tsp garlic powder, black pepper and tsp sambal hotsauce (recipe here )



Blend all ingredients for the wraps. Spread the mixture on a teflone sheet or if you have Sedona dehydrator, use a sillicone baking mat (works great!) Set the dehydrator on 6 hours.  Check after 3 hours and flip. Depending on how crispy you want your wrap, other wise leave it for a hours longer.

Mock ground beef: mix all the ingredients in a food processor


Get your wrap, spread hummus, top it with onions, diced tomatoes, cucumber and Romain lettuce. Roll it up…eat!

Et voila…bon appetit!


Durian smoothie: Cup strawberries, half cup pomegranate seeds, 1 heap tbsp Irish Moss, 1 piece of durian, a cup (or more) coconut water. Blend Njoy!

Hope everyone will have a rawsome week!

Happy friday! Here’s a nice buckwheat pancake recipe! I will have more pancake recipes in my (coming) book ‘Raw & Vegan Life’.


A cup (sprouted) buckwheat flour, 2 tbsp Irish Moss gel, 3 tbsp flaxseed flour, almond milk (you can add some sweetener)


Quarter cup blended pomegranate seeds, 2 tbsp Irish Moss gel, quarter part avocado, 1 banana (you can add pitted dates to sweeten it up or add sweetener)

Strawberries, grapes or any fruit to garnish



Blend the ingredients for the pancake mixture and make sure it has the consistency of regular pancake batter (or a bit thicker)  and pour it in pancake shape on a silicone baking mat (if you have a Sedona dehydrator). Put the dehydrator on 6 hours. Check around 3 hrs if you are able to turn the pancakes.

Blend all ingredients for the cream until it has a thick consistency. When pancakes are done, layer the fruit and cream on the pancakes.


Hope you all have a rawsome weekend! xox

Yes! I am in LoVe with my new purchase (no, I’m not an OS, objectum-sexual), a Sedona dehydrator! It finally arrived yesterday.


I started out making a batch of apple and banana chips (seasoned with pumpkin spice). I almost forgot to take a picture, but this is what was left, lol.


I added some flax crackers (made with half zucchini, 1 onion, 5 cloves garlic, 2 tomato’s, pinch of seasalt, paprika powder and black pepper) Made a large bowl of ‘cheesy’ sauce for the zucchini chips…too much actually. So, I decided to make some ‘cheesy’ dried onions and ‘cheesy’ chickpeas. Because the Sedona dehydrator doesn’t have those flexible teflon sheets, I just got a silicone baking mat to spread the flax mixture on…It works really great! (it’s probably better than the teflon sheets) Again, I nearly forgot to take a picture… you can’t really keep your hands of this lovely yumminess, even when it’s not ready to serve, lol. I also made some sweetpatato chips (sliced and spiralized, marinated in oil, apple cider vinegar, black pepper and seasalt) This is what was left, hahaha.


I can really recommend a Sedona dehydrator (no, I am not being payed to say this) Anyway, you’ll be seeing more posts soon! Hope you all have a rawesome day!

Here’s a new recipe, that I didn’t want to share if my 5 year old, didn’t like it…so here it is! I didn’t use any exact measurements this time, I just went with what my taste buds liked, lol.



About 2 cups pitted medjool dates and about 1 cup almond meal


Half cup young coconut meat (or 4 tbsp coconut cream), 1 large mango, about a cup ‘raw’ (soaked) cashews (you know cashews aren’t really raw) or macadamia nuts, juice of 1 orange and lemon, 3 to 4 tbsp extra virgin cocnutoil and a pinch of sea salt, a banana or 2


3 tbsp extra virgin coconutoil and 3 to 4 tbsp cacao powder (you can add some sweetener to it)



1. Put the dates (don’t have to soak them) and almond meal in a foodprocessor and mix until you get the consistancy you want, may have to add some more almond meal. Put the dough in a cake pan and press firmly. stick it in the freezer.

2. Put all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. Get the cake pan out of the freezer and slice the banana’s put it on top of the crust, spread the mixture over the banana’s and crust. Put it back in the freezer until it’s firm.

3. Melt the coconut oil and add cacao powder mix it well (you can add sweetener if you like) and pour it on top of the mixture. Stick it back in the freezer.

Top it with any fruit you want, I used pears and mango <3




Bon Appetit!



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