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Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since my last post. Still very busy…

Since, social media is a great way to share your creativity, I was thinking of sharing recipes of Facebook friends that i.m.h.o. have a lot of potential.

This is my friend  Stephen Byrne, these are just a few of his recipes So, click on his name, add him and or check out other recipes and interesting posts on his profile! He does not have his own blog yet, but who knows what the future brings 🙂 I really hope he’ll persue his dream! (I did ask Stephen if I could post some of his stuff + his own comments)


  • Ice cream bites!lovely delicious Non-dairy Raw vegan oatmeal cookie sandwiches with banana nice-cream last night,and whipped these little delights up into little bite size squares


  • Another sacred moment with another sacred dish,feeling blessed and well nourished after this Rawkin Salad,I just love the feeling you get after eating good food like this.
    Purple kale,leafy green vegetables,spirilised beets and carrot drizzled with a little Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, cucumber,avocado,and a little hemp oil.


  • I like to call these,stuffed Salad Love boat leafs all Raw vegan,get over here and show me some Love lol.
    Some finely chopped tomatoes,green onion,mushroom,red pepper,cucumber, chillie,carrot,mustard leaf,and avocado and drizzled with some lime.
    Magnifico X


  • Wow,just created this fruit and vegetable Salad in less than 3mins,don’t know much about combining Raw foods together,but this tasty medicine bowl of living food taste good and is full of nutrition for the temple where the Soul sits.


  • Went for my cycle this morning ended up buying some apples,mandarins,bananas I got in the reduced to clear section in tescos that cost only 5euros and something,which landed me a lot for what I bargained for, 5euro will go along way if you want it to,so I added some of my forage lol to what I had at home for my post workout,made over 32oz of green smoothie and believe me it taste GOoD.
    Kale,parsley,tbsp of chlorella,tbsp of Maca,5dates,2mandarins,2apples,2bananas,pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds.
    Have a Great day all,keep smiling keep shining.


  • Slowly building my energy back up the last few weeks by just juicing eating fruits and salads doing the odd little mini fasts here and there to clear out and some small work outs to keep things in tune and give the body time to regenerate with rest,but today back in full form with mind,body and soul alignment workouts,working the body I find and especially with a good clean diet will get you great results in no time,keep toxic consumption out of bounds of meat and dairy especially, this eventually will have negative impact on your body and will also help you to grow old,you want to keep the cells living with a good clean diet of more living foods such as more fruits, vegetables,nuts and seeds and juicing, I’d recommend soaking yo nuts and seeds lol when the cells are kept regenerated through clean living with clean eating the body lives and grows beautiful and young looking and fit to,so eat live to keep alive.

juice                       juice1

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