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‘Your body after pregnancy will never be the same’, is very true to some extent. Women are different some women do not show much signs they were ever pregnant. Reality is, most women do get stretch marks and gain weight.


I never thought, I would be feeling ‘insecure’ about my body, like I did earlier this week. After having three children and the acceptance of the changes, I somehow realized I wasn’t truly happy about it. But why all of a sudden? Before my pregnancy, I was very proud of my belly. It looked good, in shape and I thought I had a very nice looking navel. From experience, I know you can reduce the changes afterwards.


What caused me to feel unhappy? A father of one of my friends, when I was a teenager, compared me with how I looked when he last seen me. That was when I was 17… of course you don’t look the same at 41. (and you probably won’t be as skinny too) BUT, I did let it get to me…

This weekend, I took some time to do some serious reflecting, and empowered myself with the thought that only I could let this effect me, if I allowed it to. So, FUCK IT. (excuse the F BOMB) Nothing, not even the thought of losing ‘your body’ can compare to the most beautiful experience a woman can have, ’cause many are denied this.


Be proud and embrace the refinement¬†of it all… you became a mother.



Wishing everyone a gorgeous sunday… ‚̧

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