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I love people who are genuine and honest about their healthy lifestyle, eating raw or a plantbased diet. I love it, when they make absolutely gorgeous, finger licking delish food, and become succesful by doing what they love without trying to scam people.

That’s why I’m writing this post. I found a Facebook page created August 2015 Enjoy Your Rawsome Life (is deleted). I’d like to warn people. I know this person, she’s my sister, and she did not study holistic health and is not a certified to give dietary advise. I checked to see if she is registered at the Chamber of Commerce. She isn’t, because franchises based on pyramid scheme are not able to register. (according to the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht) Discription of the page translated in English:

How can you lose weight healthy without starving or yo-yo effect? Send a private message for free information.  This page is designed to help you become healthier and get in better shape with free advice and weight loss program by own coach. Healthy and fit are no short-term plan , but a lifestyle. We help you with the transition !

Social hygiene
Restaurant Business
allergens Training

For more than 25 years food is my favorite activity. Cozy dinner at home with friends or family .. or go out to eat . In 
my profession it is definitely important to tell guests about food. What's in it? Do you have an allergy or intolerance? 
How is it prepared ?

The last two years I have gained a lot of knowledge concerning the food and products we buy every day at the store. If you want to live conscious and healthy, then you want to know what you put in your mouth! And so began my way to the desire for more knowledge but also to share that knowledge.

In February 2016 I 'm going to do the training Accredited Weightconsultant, to actually be able to give good advice to 
others and guide when it comes to health and weight. Expanding on nutrition and dietetics : This is the next step to gain a broader knowledge of nutrition.

The credentionals she displays only means she is certified to work in a restaurant or a catering service handling food.

First of all, she has not been busy with food for more than 25 years. Those cozy dinners with family or friends are also not true. She has been off and on working as a waitress and catering worker and has had many other jobs in between. She does not work and never has worked in a profession where she tells people about food. (maybe because she’s in to Juice Plus now) Up until last year, before I cut off contact with her, she told me I was insane for my Raw Vegan lifestyle.

She starts a (written) weight consultant training next year. She does this, because there is no other training needed to enroll in this 1 year course. (She does not have any diplomas) Mind you, weight consultants are very limited. They do not have the same credentials as a dietician. Internship is not a part of this training.

This is the twitter account created August 2015 Enjoy Your Rawsome Life (got deleted) . As you can see on her page and twitter account, she does not share any recipes she has made herself. She takes nice looking pictures from the internet and post them to make it look ‘professional’.

As I was searching, I found her personal twitter account created August 10 2015 Kitty Clignett. (she has deleted this account) I saw she was promoting Juice+


So, I put 2 and 2 together… it was obvious to me what she is tryin to do. She is not in to the health lifestyle to promote a healthy life style, but to earn $$$ quick. (She hopes) Don’t forget, this is my sister and I know her.


She has currently 2 5 star reviews. One she did herself Kitty Clignett and Annet van Dorsser. Annet van Dorsser sells and promote JuicePlus. There are no other reviews done by anyone (clients) who is not connected to JuicePlus. (She deleted the reviews) Like I claimed, my sister is in it for the money….here’s the proof… Annet van Dorsser is owner of Rawfood.nl. July 23 ’15, she shared a post. Asking people if they want to earn money, when they want, where they want and a promise to earn 100.000 euro in bonuses. My sister replied ‘Yes…super!’ …and now she has a JuicePlus ‘business’.


Oh, my sisters comment was deleted as of August 26 2015…that says enough, thank God for screenshots.


My sister posted a message on her page, where she says that Rawfood.nl and herself are looking for new ‘team members’ to ‘help’ people with their health. Really, if you are so concerned about peoples health you don’t have to mislead people in to ‘working in a team’. It’s a pyramid scheme…


UPDATE: My sister posted a message that she’s on a ‘Holiday Vacation’ (which has been deleted, because she changed her page name). In fact, she’s not on a vacation she’s a member of God’s Church Holding Fast. (This is the pastor’s, Mark Little, Youtube Channel) The members are in a resort somewhere at the East Coast to spent the Feast of Tabernacles. This church follows the strict doctrines of Herbert W. Armstrong. They believe they are the ‘144000 chosen ones’ (or what ever number) as discribed in the book of Revelations and because I don’t believe Herbert W. Armstrong is the ‘End Time Apostile’, I’m no good. To make you understand what doctrines they follow here’s one example, my sister believes that gay people should be stoned to death. (Raw) Veganisim is considered ‘of the Devil’. (Christian Theory on Veganism here you can see veganism is God’s original design for humanity)So, ‘Rawsome’ has nothing to do with pure rawfood at all. (She consumes dairy and animal products.) To me, you can only tell people to inspire and to live a healthy life, when you practice what you preach. Dairy and animal products are not healthy for human bodies. She changed her page to ‘The Next Level’. She must have seen the Update 😉 Ever wondered why you don’t see pictures of herself? Because she definitely does not look like any of those women in the pictures she posts. She  eventually hopes to look like that, until then she needs to attract an audience 😉

So, many of you may ask yourselves why I’ve ‘dedicated’ this post to my sister. As long as she, or any other person keeps stalking, harassing me personally, I will expose more and more what she really is about. Going to the police doesn’t help, they will only do something if she is standing in front of my door trying to kill me. She is very good with her inspirational quotes, but ofcourse she needs clients for her pyramid scheme ‘Juice Plus Business’, but how ‘great’ of a mother, sister and aunt she is… Severe mental illness diagnosed since 1994, she was in a mental hospital then (and yes, I have the proof) physical and mental abuse of my daughters, stalking me with phone calls and textmessages etc. Her own daughter didn’t want to live with her anymore last year, so the court placed her under the care of child protective services. This is only one year ago! There are sooo many people she has used and abused over the years. I’m still waiting for her to give me back the money I spent on her daughters diet and supplies I bought, when I fixed her house.

Earlier this week, a woman named Michelle de Jong (you need to be signed in to view profile) approached me on facebook stating I was lying about my sister with this blog post. Now, I know who my sister knows and this woman was never a part of my sister’s life, only a person who likes her page. Well, I did do a search and made some phone calls. The people with the same lastname, in the area where this person lives, never heard of a Michelle de Jong. I wouldn’t be supprised if this is one of my sister’s many fake facebook profiles, hahaha.

I’m only exposing a person who is in it for the money, in this case this person happens to be my sister. If a sex offender or murderer got released from prison and moved in to your neighborhood, you would like to know right? Why not the truth about people that try to con you? You know what they say: ‘Birds of a feather, flock together’ … food for thought…




There seems to be access to a ‘secret’ Facebook group if you joint the ’30 day motivation program’ from Annet van Drosser. (hahahaha) Everything, that is secret or done in secret is no good. If Juice Plus is such a great product, why secretive about it? Well, my sister’s response to a post is not very according to the doctrines she follows. Lusting is one the many sins, I’m not sure if her pastor knows all of the things she is doing… 😉

eindelijk slank

I received a textmessage (oct 4) from my sister that I believe the ‘lies’ I post, that is typical for a person who has a mental illness, I don’t believe it… I’ve lived and experienced it.  I can prove EVERYTHING I post. I’ve also warned her, if she continues, I will post the proof that support my claims.

Typically my sister a true narcissist and diagnosed with NPD


This is what she’s doing 😉


gaslighting 1

(oct 4) Huh? She changed it back to her old page name, make up your mind girl! hahaha


UPDATE: I just received several messages from my sister. Apparently, suddenly my sister got an allergic reaction (but who knows 😉 )  from Juice Plus a month ago, and that’s why she is not going to support selling that product anymore. Yay! But if that is the case, why doesn’t she share that on her page? Just to warn people about what can happen, if you take Juice Plus. Says enough 😉 So, was she in it for the money or for the health of others?She claims in her email that I make it seem in this post she promotes rawfood on her page, no I don’t. The word ‘Rawsome’ is used in the rawfood scene a lot, which is or can be misleading and could attract people that are especially rawvegans and in the short discription of the pages she wrote: ‘Be part of my journey on RawFood’.  HER OWN WORDS.  ‘Enjoy Your Rawsome Life’ will be deleted in about 2 weeks. ‘It’s just too much work’ she claims. Quote from her email: Het ging mij helemaal niet om een health page.. het was deel van Juice Plus.. tot ik met Juice Plus stopte. Translation: I didn’t care about a health page….it was part of Juice Plus…until I stopped Juice Plus. I know my sister very very well 😉


I think she’s going in to another product she can earn money with and that product is called Instantly Ageless or something. Which naturally, has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle. Oh and she’s not with that ‘God’s Church Holding Fast’ anymore since March of this year. But she’s still talking ‘Godly’ and how much she’s praying for my mental health, so I assume she probably found another Church to go to. (to be honest, I think she may not have fit in with the brethren. She experienced the same issue in all the other Churches she’s been. She still owes one ‘sister’ money , who payed for her accommodation during feast of tabernacles 2013. Ofcourse… according to her I write lies about her and her mental illness and such. Here’s some info on sneaky Covert Narcissist. Then my sister claims I’ve contacted her daughter, (which also has multiple personality disorders). I’ve learned to stay away from peoples circuses even if they are my family, but some how they always get in contact, so hopefully they now will leave me alone 😉 This is typical for a narcissist: they start a problem or drama and blame you for it all. To be honest, I got the idea of this post after watching a video from someone who gave advise on how to treat a narcissist…and his advise really works! Just mirror exactly how they treat you,  but with the truth ;).

covert narcissist sisters martinez lewi quote

When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, my ex husband and I let my sister stay with us for a while. We got her out of prostitution back in 1994. When I was 8 months pregnant, I asked my sister one day to help me clean the green beans for dinner. She told me she didn’t want to. When I told her she could help out, ’cause she eats our food too (not to mention, she lived in our house, we didn’t ask her to pay for anything) She got up and hit my back with her fist. I was glad my exhusband was home, he saw what she did and her grabbed her and threw her out of our house. Instead of pressing charges, I asked her to have herself committed in a psychward, which she did. (years later I found out she got a 2 year suspended sentence for severely beating a girl up who was treated in the hospital before she did this to me) A few years ago, I received her diagnostic report from 1994/1995 by accident in the mail. So, I know what she has been diagnosed with. I don’t have skeletons in my closet, I keep my life simple and easy (so I don’t have to remember lies) and I don’t lie about my past or my life. I don’t have the need to impress people, the people that are in my life are the ones that have known me for most of my life and just a few family members. Her circus has been going on for 2 months now (this time), in the past I took all the things she said and done and kept my mouth, now I’m not afraid of her anymore.

What is Juice+? Here are a few interesting links:

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Remember, genuine people in the healthfood scene do not try to sell you expensive products to become healthy! There’s so many (free) information on the internet to transit to a healthy lifestyle, please don’t get fooled in buying pills that cost a fortune!

Much LoVe,


P.S. I’m not slandering my sister. This is ALL TRUTH… A few weeks ago she started harassing me on Facebook with a fake profile. Josien van Houten was the name she used. She eventually changed it to her real name Kitty Clignett. I made screenshots and told her that if she doesn’t stop harassing and lie about me, I would expose her.

nep profiel    nep

After her message, I posted this on Facebook. She slandered me, and wrote I lie about my past and that I am a very disturbed woman. What she accuses me of, she does herself and she forgets to mention she has several mental illness diagnosis.



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